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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  February 13, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EST

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3 3 3 the manhuut for a vvolent ee-coo comes to a possible end.buttwhy police can't confirm that the body.. 3& dorner...yet. ann... what makes thiss smartphone wortt nearly 10- phousand dollars. 3
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3 wednesday, february 13th 33 3 3 3 -3 3
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3 a police trainee fights for 3 inna traininn accident... by a -3 department instructor. instructor.mmgan gilliland is live at shock rauua where the prainee is in criiical ponditiin... with more on how thii culd have happened..- 3 pood orning guysthe man is a trainee for the niversity of - maryland... baltimorr campus police.ww're told he's in i- -3 c-u right now... after bbing shot in the head... aacidentally. happened 3 afternoon... at a firearmm training center n owings mills.investigators say a ballimore pplice departmmnt
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instructtr shot the mmn in the & a news conference here at theehospital... ciiy police officiall faced several questions... including... why live mmuuition wws apparently & uued during trainingg 3 (comm. batts) "let me say this. iiunderstand it, i get ii. yoo guys want answers to things thatti want tt make really clear, is i probably 3 have and it's just goong to take time to get those answwrs -3 tt those questions because or mee it's unncceptable. but this better so we don't have this happen again." again."we're told the ttainee is man in his 40's.... ann thht this was his first police & job..fficials are not identifying him... at ttee - family's request. & 3 aa this hour... the investigaaion continues.the & pmmediate safety measures going inno affect....coming up ii 300min.i'' megan illiland, - foox5 morning news.
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3 3 the fate of christooher - dorner... the ormerrpolice & officer accused of killing 4 peoplee.. is stillluncertain. uncertain.this morningg.. we're learning that charred &&phuman remains were founddin a cabin... where dornee barricaded himself tuesdayybut at this poinn... it's uuclear 3 to.police say dorner did ot leave the cabin... until after 3 this coulddtake &pdays to do a d-n-a analysis. porner is suspecteddof ffring multipll rounds at officials frrm caliiornia fish and a highway neaa big bear.he was in a ire fiihh with san berradino county sheriff'' ddputies. one officer was killed, and another injurrd. &p3 "law nforcemeet is a very close knnt familyy all llww
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enforcement aggnciee are 3 difficult day agaii for law enforcement." &penforcement."police... the fbii.. and swat teems have been comming the big bear area since laat week in what's parggst manhunts in southern california history. 3 today marks the first day of - westeer worll.ash wednesday 3 penance... and prrearations foo theeeaater season.lent 33 christian churches innthe 3 different timetable for lentt mounds of snow conninue to 3 thee to help clear & the town of waterbury, ponnecticut is hiring teens... & to help shhvel it out. -3 3 of the 332schools in waterbury... none of ttem hadd beee touchhd until tuesday... wwen hundreds of studeets they're being paid a minimum - wage of 8-25 an hour... which is mmneyythat comes out oo he waterbury police activity peague. tuuents say... it's
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not about the money. & p3 plast sot) "likk, it beats 3 days straight without school so i just wanted to come help, --3 ssecially the eleeentarr & schhols." 3&&pbefore the day even started... & hour beforr... eagerrto get staated.some teachers even showed up... anxious to get back inno the lassroom. one lucky ccuple issgetting &pmarried this friday... ann you gee to decide the details of their wedding! wedding!it's our wedding inna week ontest.starting at 99 this mornnng... go to our websste fox baltimore doo coo menu.and you can... watch... erica nd arthur ...get married... live... on... fox45 3 coming up... 3 burger king gives its breakfast menu... a makeover. makeovee.the nee items its -3 adding... that mighttggve &pdunkkn' donuts... a run for its money.
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3 pou're watchiig fox 45 morning news.. allllocal.. all mmrning. & 3 ((bbmp out)) 3 ((break 1))
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3 3 the bmore healthy expo returns to & baltimore... saturday, february 23rd. 23rd..ou can get hhalth áliveá entertainment... a fit -3 pnd fun kiis zone... and much much more.the b-more healthy expo starts t 10 a-m at the 3 februaryy23rd.we'll see you there! & coming up... 3 the cooorado movie maasaare... -3 is back in he spotlight.but this timee.. ii's not becauss 3 reportedly did... that'' now 3 3 but next... a smartphone worth nearly á10-thousand dollars.á
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new this morning... tte city of aurora, cclorado look innt tte ambulanne response time aftee the deadly movie theaterr hooting.last summer... a gunmmn openee fire inside the theater... killing 11 people nd injuring 70 otherr.sourccs say it took meedcaa workers moreethan 24 minutes to respond.the study wiil ccst an estimated 250-thousand dollars to 33 superstormmsandy is going in the record books... as the second-costliest tropical cyclone the natiin's being hurricane kattina... in 2005.sandy was blamee for 72 & deaths in the u-s... and left &phunddrds oo thousands of homes damaged or destroyed. aarlines are getting better at arrives at your destination...
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-3 whee áyouu do.that's according toothe u-s department of - transportation... whichhsays tte nattoo's airlines repprted their lowest rate of mishaadled baggage in 18 yeaar. & last year... there were a little moreethan 3 reports of mishandlld baggage per 1- -3 thousand passengers last year. &pairllnes also had a neerly 82-percent on-ttme arrivall rate... ith wait times gettinngbetter. 3 burger king is giving he coffee it ells... a makeover. the fast food chain saas ii will dooble the numbee of coffee beverages it sells... to 10.beginning this week... burger king is replacing its & curreet brewed coffee wwth a smoother ssaatle's est bllnd. it also will have a new deeaf and a nne hot chocooate.the patte rolllut begins in march. 3 luxury smart phone company " vertu" ii releasing the "vertu ti"... oo ájustá underr 10-thousand runs on phe android operating system. the most unique feature of the phone ii the "verru key"... on the side of the phone ,,which
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can be used to call a 24-seven ponciergee.. from anywhere in based live chat ootion and an nothing, but show pprsonalizedd ads. 3 coming up... 3 oor "freebruary" contest continues in miiutee.if you haven't already....enter yoor name by going to facebook dot com slash fox baltimooe... and submit a form..hen... listen in for your shot at 200- pintues from now. 3 when you wall in the hallwwys you have to coverryour face. ww don't have ann masks for breathing... it's isgustinn. disggstingg ut next.... &paacruise ship tranded at sea... llaaes passengers scrambling to find working bigger problem they'ree facing... whennit comes to're watchinggfox 44 mornnng.
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3 ((bump in)) nasty!that about sums up how people are describing cooditions boarddthe carrival triumph.a fire brrke out the ships engine... dissbling it. passengers are forced to endure the steech of roken toilets, quarters without airr ccnditiooing and light... and
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explains... tug boats are noww toward alabama. 3 3 it's no exxggeration to saa this ccuseetooppradise has turned into a cruue throuuh hell. there is sewage, raww sewage, pretty bad. whee you waak n thh hallways you have to cover your ace. weedon't havv any masks for preatting... it's disgusting. sunday's fire, which disabled - the cruss ship'ssengines alsoo toillts, the hot water and the air conditionnng.the rooms are 3 balcony rooo, then yyu can get aii and light. but if hhve interror room, likk mine, it'ss pretty dark in there and t's very ssuffy, especially if & someone used your bathhoom.of 3 passengger, many aae sleepingg -3 outside n mattresses and eck chairs.assfoo food --cold cuts, fruit, bbead, box cereal and water and odas ann they
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just opened the bar to ivee -3 of ines, t takks 3 and a haal hours to get food.fresh foods being brought aboard from other cruise ships. twoo tugboats are towing the disabled liner to mmbile, seven miles an hour, it'll ttke until lltt wednesday or thursday. meanwhiil, the crew arr doing what they caa....- we're not having as much fun as plaaneddbut eeeryone seems to be doiig okay. once in port... the passengers will get a ree flight home, -a credit for anothee ccuise... if they're willing. coming up... -33 ccmediin bill coobb... comes under fire.thh statement -3 reportedly posted to facebook... that's receiving a 3 ((megaa live 3 tease)) you're watcchng
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fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morningg 3& ((break 4))
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3 aadennal disaster.the damagg caused by america's addiction -3 fox455 nws aa five3
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3 - harbbr 3 3 it's oor free-bru-
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box.. go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimoreeann fill thhre to read complete contest rules. 3 3 3pshawan mmp
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3 3 a poliie trainee iss hot in e fightt for his life ttis morning... a lot of questions are surfacing... like wwy real ammunitioo was -& being used in trainiig. trrining.megan gilliland ii live at shocc trauma where the trainee is being treatedd.. - 3 good
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morning guysthe trainee underwent surgery last ight. at this hhuu... ww'rr told pe's in i-c-u in critical ccndiiton. conditionnhe was hot n the head... by a baltimore police deeartment instructor... duuing a training exerciss - pesterday happeend at he firearms training ceeter in owings millss we're toll he is a trainee for the university of maryland whilee.. ooficials aae noo - pdentifying him at he - familyys request... his boss tells us hh's in hii 40's and that this was his first police job. pchiee williams) "certainly - our prayerssand support are with our trainee at this very tough time. we'd likk you to & know he's in he best placeehe -3& can be, gettting the best medical care that he can get." gett""t a news conference here pt the hospital... city police officiaas faced several few answeerswere given at this time....otter ttan that they re looking into why this happened and ow they an prrvent it in the future.commissiiner batts...
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says he is shuuttnggdown the - police academyy nd raininn poperrtioos pending a safety review. 3 because the accidentthappened on state property... maryland state police re leading he investigation.i'm mgan gilliland, fox45 mmrnnng nees. & 3 &p3&pthe manhunt foo a 3 former l-a cop accused of pargeting policceofficers... reaches a chilling climaa..-pclimax.police say they've fouud chhrred human remains iiside the cabin where christopher dorner barricaded himmelf tuesday... beffre it waa set ablaze.but police sayy & it could take days... evee áweeksá... for a d-n-a 3 for certain whethhr those remainssbelong to dorner. 3 (last sot))"until mr. dorner hassbeen identiffed as either deceased or he has handcuffs -3 on him and siitinn in a jail, we're going to continue as & though he is still out there."
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& there."dorner is accused of -3&pkilling 4 eople. this case is manhunts... in souuhern california historyy 3 state lawmakers aae examining pal aspects of the governor's proposed gun controo bill... from licensiig to mental heallh. & health.the comprehensive measure woulddban theesale of limit the capacity of ownerr of handgunn wwoll also needdto be licenned... - 3 (mcdermott) "you're going to have to go to ight hours of --3 traiiing, youure going to have -3to take day off ffom ork people looo at it and say ttis ii not privledge, this is a right." pight.""nother hearing on the & bill is scheduleddbefore the & house judiiiary coomittee in early arcc. p3 lim budgets and outdaaee 33 scramblinggfor help nywhere they can get it. and thatt includes contests. jjppaaowne high school is a national finaliss for a ten thhosand dollar makeover, and
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3&pwinnerss joel d..smith is whattconditions inspired one teacher tootake actiin. good morninngjool d. 3 3
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3 ,3 coming up... pomedian bill osby... facingg &pcriticism tooay..-&ptoddy.we'll tell you abbut the pfacebook... that'ssccusing - backlash. 3&p 3 you're watching foo 45 morning 3 morning. 3 ((break 5))
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33 33
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3 3 3 33 ccming up next... 3& president obama delivers his first sttte oo he uniin - address... sincc ttkiig his second erm of office.the most emotional moment... thattcame
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from last night'' speech. you're watching fox 45 morning nnws.. all local.. all mo
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3 new this morning... a rep for bill osby is refuting - an nlinn sttteeent.. falsely attriiuteddto the comedian.the statement was posted onn -3 facebbok and read... "i'm 83 and i'm tired."it claims cosby life... and is tired of people & arguing there is a need to - rrdistribute wealth t low saas the staaement has been out thhre for awhile and is completely "bogus." &ppppe speakinggnats &pnntsthe pope gives hissfinna ash wednnsday service at the vatican.this comes just days after announcing that he will & resigg at the end of the month due toohealth reasons.he is the first ppe n nearly 600 -3 years to ressgn. -3 p3presideet obamaadeliveree his
6:52 am
fourth state of the uniin addresssllst nniht... thee offiie. hh challeeged leaders to ut bickerrng assde and to pass mmasures that mprove thh nation and assist the middde class. 3 this mmrniig sacey cohan is - liie in assingtoonwith details. 3 3 --stacey on camera-- ii wassa speech made by a mmn no ponger facing an eleccion fight. aapresident who laid 3 repuulican response fromm &pfllrida enator marco rubio & reviewed tough bbttles ahead. --sot: presiddet barack & obama-- the state of our unnon is stronger ---o-- the economm & was billed as the "bigg topic -- and the president indeed 3 called for rrising the minimum wage -- in tages -- to nnne 3 more motionaa momenns of the night came when the president demanded congress vote n gun the viitims of gunnviolence deserve action. and on the subbect of failinggto act - the president said republicann andddemocrats must find barack obama-- let's set party
6:53 am
iiterests aside, anddwook together tt ppss a budget that replaces reekless cuts with smart savings nd wiss investments in ouu future --vo-- senator maaco rubio offered hh reppblican ,3 peeponse to the presidenn's -3 speech. he says the presidentss plans will hurt the middle & class. --sot sen. marco ruuio, (r))florida-- hisssolutioo to virtually every problem we - face is for ashington to tax more, borrowwmore and spendd -3& more. --stacey on camera-- the - president now takes his messagg on the roaa. hh will -3 ppomote his eccnomic agenda &ptoday wwth a stoppin asheville, nnrth caarlina.. 3 coming up in consumer reports... 3 a beauty trendd.. with an ugly side to it. the major problems & being detected... with hair &'re watching fox 45 morning nnws.. all local.. all morninn.
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hair eetensionssmake you look like you have loog, lusscouu llckss but consumer
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reports cautions hht ttis & beauty trend, fueled by cellbrities who use haar extensions... can turn gly. 3 lady gaaa tv speciall(natsot: hair."" lady gggg has received p lot of mdia atttntion for & the outrageoos hairstyles she extensions. ((nats))nats(v/o) siipson tt raquel welcc have hawked lines offhhir extennions. and any women longiig for a full head of haar are follooing heir lead. - pbu this beauty trend has a dark sidee jennifer aniston peportedly said she cut herr - hair because it "was getting thinned out again from all the & extensions."latesha parks, &pinfluenced bb both celebritt fashion and her rienns, goo parrs)"i've been wearing them about nine years."(v/o)bbt noo her hair as broken off, and &pshe has a spot where her hair pon't growwaaymmre.randee bank paso had problems affer using hair extennionn. (sot: randee
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the hhir has not ggown back." (vvo)consumer reports' r. whennone of her patienns withh - hair extensions complained of excruciating headacces.(sot: orly avitzur)"there are peeple &pwho use hhir extensions without ccmplaint. butt extensions add exccss weight, pulliin on the hair, which can leaa to damageeof the hairr follicles.. (vo)hair saaons - atttch he extensionssto nattral hair, iicluddng glue like these. (sot)"if you wear extensions and sttrt to see signs of hair loss, stop right awaa beforr the problem becomes permanent." (v/o) & knows thh dangers. she refuses to use hair exxeesions. (sot: dawn dddomenico)"it looks like &preally beauuiful hair, but quite cary." 3 poming up... if your name is booby hines... 3 left to calllthe number on youu screen... to claim & 2-hundred dollars in our "ffeebruary" ccnttst.tto
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enter... just go to facebook dottcom slash fox altimorr.if booby hinns ddee not call... we'll draw anotter winner... & inutes froo're - watching fox 455morring news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 8))
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3 snow is on the way.when it who'ssgoing to get the ost. 3 and... a new use for folic acid.the medical condition thh - supplemenn an help preveet. 3 3 &p3 3 p3 3-& 3
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3 3 3 3 p police trrinee fights for - hhs life... ftee being shot in a training accident... by a department iistructor. instructoo.megan gilliland is live at shock trauma where the traineeeis in critiial conditioo... with more on how this could have happeeed. 3 good morning guys,the man is a
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trainee for the university of marylann... baltimore caapus police.we''e told he'ssin i- & c-u right now... afttr beingg shot in the head... accidentally. happened around 2-300yesteeday training center in owingss mills.investigators say a baltimore pplice departmeet inssructtr shot the man in tte here attthe hospitall.. city policc offiiials faced several questions....including... why llve ammunition was apparently - used during traaningg 3 (comm. batts) "let e say this. iiunderstann it, 3 i get it. you guys want answers ttothose questions. one of the things hat i wantt to akk really clear, is i than you have and it's just going to take time to get those answers to those questions because for me, it's & unacceptable. but ww're going to takee 3 the time to dig and find out po make ttis betttr so we
7:05 am
don't have his happen again." pgaan."we're told the trainee 3 that thisswas his first police identifying him... attthe family's request. 3 at this hour... thee investigatiin continues.the immediate safety measures going into affect... coming up in 300min.iim meganngilliland, fox45 morning news. & 3 3&pwe continne toofollow a we angeles...where the search - continuus for the former police ooficer,,accused of killinggfoor pople... after a stand off. off.on tuesday... pollce saa a man suspected to be christopher dorner barricaded -3 himself insiie ttis cabin, and did oo leave after it was set on fire.dorner is suspeeted of firing multiill rounds att officcalssfrom california fiih - and wildllfe, who spotted him
7:06 am
earlier in the day..-& 3 "the susppct rolled hisswindow down and whhn 3& phe second patrol truck camee inside, that's when e engagee in a shooting wiih our wwrdens &pps hey werr driving. he did &phit the truck multippe times." &pttmess" police found a charred body nside the abin, but it to figure ut who it was. was.coming up in about 30 mmnutes...we'll have a live report from los aageles.. on & the lattst deveeopments, thhi morning. 3 students gather in college park... to rrmember the victims of a shootinggnear the pniversity of marylanddcampus. campus.vigil nnts pats 3 3 on tuesday... a student shot -3 two of hisshousemates.... before killlng himselff one of the victims... stephen rane of silver spring... died.the other sttddnt... neal oa of frederick... was ttkknnto prince george's hospital. 3 meanwwile... we're learning that the shooter... has close ties to the baltimore area. dayvvn green was a raduate of
7:07 am
mmrgan staat univerrity... then became a graduate sttdent at college was also of their student ambassador's ffmilyytells police... that tteir on has - been sufferinggfrom a meetal illness for at least a year. neighbors say... they haa no -&pclue aaout his strugglee... only hat he wassa private, green did not leave aa ote. 3 he's one of the richhst peoppe zuckerberg issalso one of the most geneeous.the faaebook founder and c---o was he second--iggest charitable donor in the u-s last yyar, - behind warren buffett.ttat's & according to tte chronicle of zuckerberg, alonn wiih wife -3 priscilla chan, gave roughly hall a billion dollaas to the - silicon valley community 3 a few clicks can ccangg a - sccool ttis week.. a local classsoommis among the finalists in aa online -3 competition tt win thoussnds of ddllars in improvements. imprrvements. and joel d. smith is streaming now... now, to see up close if this school is worth your vvte.
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3 &p3 &p3 3 p3 3
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- 3 folic acidd.. hhlping something áotherááthan your cellsthe meddcalldisorder... some researchers ay.. it could help prevent áifá taken - ddring pregnancy. pregnanny..nd we're giving away 300-hundredddollars!!- another name will be drawn oot pof our box in less than 30 & stay tuued. tuned. you're watching -
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fox 5 mornnng news.. all local.. all morning. local.. all morning news.. all -3 watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all ooningg
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3 p3
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& 3 3
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3 one lucky couple is etting married this friday... and you their wedding! wedding!it's our wedding in a wwekkconteet.startinn at 9 this mornnig... go to our website oo baltimore dot com to vote for the menu. menu.aad you an... watch... &pmarried... live... on... fox45 morning news this friday.
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3 an awkward moment on camera? cameraawhat republican seeator giving the g-o-pps response to pressdent bama's staat of the &punion address..that haa prazy! you're watching foxx45 morning newss. all local.. all morning. -33 ((break 22)
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3 3 3 new this morning.. a man is -3 times....during an eaaly - morning robbery.itthappennd 3&psouth broadway in fells pointt thh 200year-old victim is in surgery ttis orning.police are still searching for the robber. 3 today, governor o'malley plans to testiff before a &pan offshore winn energy bill ....the panel has twice failed to pass. the bill would
7:20 am
offshoreerenewable nergy credits. and it would prooide innentives or developers ttat could increase rrsiddntiall plectricity bblls dollaa fifty... a month if an offshore wind farm is builtt takinn folic acid before pregnancy, and through thh first severallweeks of pregnancc, may heep reduce the risk of autism in chillren. that's according to a new study,the study iistte largestt to date on tte benefits of folic acidd or autism arks one of tte first concrete things a woman pan do to reduce her risk of giving birth to a child with the disorder. - 3 3 haven't gotten your sweetii a worry pa seven has all off your vallntine's day needs taken carr of.emily gracey joins us for this mornings hometown hottpot.- tell us about the services your spaa offers.- what should we -3 consider before getting a massage?? an wee till bookkpackage? package?aahieve excellence, body and mmnd for -&pvalentine'ssdaa!now through febrrary
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14th.on to fox baltimore ot com slash & morning. 3 we ant to give in time for valentine's dda.481-4545 wins a free even! 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 peven!488-4545 wins a frre -3 right now at 410-valennine's time for we want to give - 3slash morniig. on to fox to learn more log february 144h. bbok packages body and mind pfr eecellence, achieve 3packaae? packkge?- can we still bbok - massagg??gttiig a consiier -33 before yoor spaaoffers.--what shoold we consider before getting a massage?- can ww still book a - valentine's day package? & achieve excellence, body and mind for valentine's - pay! book pckkggs now through log on to fox baltimore dot - com slash morning..
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3we waat to give you a treat... just in timeeffr valennine's day.the 10th caller right now &patt 10-481-44455wins a free 3&00-dollaas..could have our name written all over it! it!your nnme could be drawwnin
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about 10 minutes for our 3 to entte. enter.and..the extra fee you with a credit caad. you'rr watchingg ox 45 morning
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3 3 you mmy haae noticed aanew - line ddee to certain -&ppurrhases made when using youu credit card.. it is called the "check out fe"" nd optiin retaalers an add to your urchase to recoup whaa ccedit cards commanies charge - them.. ....joining us toddy is angie barnett from the better bbsiness bureau to help s find ways to avoid paying the up to 4 percent surchargee > is thissthe samm thing we see at
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3 gas stations wherr thhy display two signs wwth 3 tt put small buuiness >ttis -3 seems to ppt
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3& small bbsiness owners at thh chains again?>are the fees ffom crrdit carddcompanies the samm? (amerrcan express ddess avoid paying tte ee? can we conttct c-c company or should 3 fighttthis?
7:28 am
3 3 this?source to ffght contact fee? can we contact c-c 33 dooyou have more questions for thh better business bureau & about today's topic?go to our website.. foxbaltimore dottcoo slash confident oosumer... and submit your questions.. 3 holiday weight taking a oll clothes?the "roto punch" could be the sooution!fiid out if it passes the will it woor ttst! test!and 300-dollarssup for grabs!our ffeebuary contest -33&pccntinues!we could draw your 3 waaching fox45 morning ll morning. 3 ((breakk4)) 3 aadennal disaster.the damagg caused by america's addiction -3
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tank than the car on the left. com - slash confident onssmer... and sbmmt youurquestions. 3 holiday weight aking toll on the "rrto punch" coulddbe the solution!passes the will it work test!!- testtfor grrbs!ouu freebuarr continues!your name in aaout you're watching ffx45 morning news... all local... 3 ((break 4)) 3- 3 it's our ffee-bru- 3 pry givvaway! -3&pgiveaway!
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3 3 3jimmy live look - 695
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aa 40
7:34 am
3 a poliie trainee is shot in -3 the head... y deparrmmnt he fighhs for - of queetioos arr surfacing... like why real ammunition was being used in training. training.megaa gillilann is at shock trauma where the &ptrainee is being treatedd.. 3 ggod mornign, meeaa meggn
7:35 am
3 3 president obama's first state of the uniin address.. for is last teem... is now in thee history books. -3 books.durrng the address, he covered a range of issses immigration, and forregn pall... ppominent guests who are vicctms oo gun violence... ann seated next tt michelle obama... the parenns of slain chicago teen hadiya pendletoo. -33 phe president also talked
7:36 am
about the tragic shootings in 3 3 "theefamiliessof aurora 3& deserve a vote. (applausee the tucson, anddblacksburg, and the countless othee communities ripped open by gun violence - they deseeve a simpleevote." vote."in his respoose, republican senator marco rubio proposals saying underminingg the second mendment rightssoff law-aaidiig americans is not the way to reduce gun violence in the country. 3 awkward mmoent 33 of him drinking water pater 3 twittee blew up with jokes andd commeetss... after his moment drrnk of water... during the presiient'' state f thh unnon address.
7:37 am
33 slim budggts and outdated classrooms hhve sccools scrambling for hell anywhere they caa get it. aan that includes contesss.. 3 joppatowne higg school is aanational finalist for a ten you caa help make thhm winners.3 streaming now there now to see whaa conditions inspired one teaccer to ake actionn good morninn joel d. 3 & 3
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3 paats fitting a littll tight? shoes holes worn ut? outtlook no furrhhr han he "roto punch".it claims to give effort!buu is it worth the &pprice tag? tag??nd .. the search foo the - formeerl-a-p-d officer...accuseddof killinng four people... continues.we'ree live in los angells.. with thh patess on the search for christophhr dorner.. pou're watching fox 45 orning & news.. all local.. all mooring.. 3 p(breakk )
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3 ((questioo of daa animation)) 3 authorittes are workiig righht 3 body founn inside the bear, california cabbn laae tuesday following a shootout ith police is that oo christopher dorner. jim spellman has the lattst on the manhunt for the violent ex- cop and oiis us livv from lossangeles. angeles. & 3 p3
7:50 am
3 3 3 3 &&p3 3& - issthere any indication - anyone is there any
7:51 am
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3 indication anyone helped hi -3& on the - how arr police yesterday? 3 jascee smaalwood caaled in andd &pclaimed her 300-dollarrvisa gift ard! caad!soothe jackpot is downnto
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3 caught on camera... a studeet pteals aaschool bus!thh shocking reason heesays he did it. & 3&pggve yourself a valentine.. for free!your ccance to win a 3 miiutes. 3 ann... he's "best
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in show."but pe're nooinating him for best name tto.thh unbelievabbe phrase this winner at the westtinster og show goes by. 3 3 -3 3 wednesday, february 13, 2013 3 3 3 3 p3 3
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3 a police trainee is fighttnggfor his life... aatee 3 instructor.. tom rodgers has more on tte ncideet.. plus today's other top stories. 33the maa is a trainee for the universiiy of maryland... bbltimore caapus police.we're told he's in i-c-uuright now... after being hot n thee hhad... accidentally. happened around 2-300yesterday afternoon... at a firearms
8:03 am
traininggccnttr in owings miils.investigators say a baltimore police department instructtr hot theeman in the head.... during a training & a news conference here at the hospital... city questions... including... hy live mmunition was apparently usee during training. 33 (comm. batts) "lee me say this. i understand it, i get it. youuguys want answers to those questions. one f tte ttings that i want to make really clear, is i ppobably have more questions than yyo have and it's just going to &ptake time tt get those answerss -3 to those questtons because for me, it's unacceptable. but -3 we're going to take the time tt dig and finn out to make this better ss we on't have this happen again." is a man in his 40's.... ann that this was his first police - job.officcals are not identifying him... at the & family's request. 3 state lawmakers are examining all assects of the governor'' -3 proposeddgun conttol bill.... - healthhthe comprehensive measure would ban the sale of
8:04 am
liiit the capacityyof maggzines to ten owners of handguns would allo neee to bb licensed... 3 (mcdermmtt) "you're going to have to o to eight hoors of -3 training, you're goiig to have 3 and pay $432 every five years for his privledge, a llt of - people look at it and say this is not a privledge, this is a right." right."another hearing on the -3 bill is scheddled efore tte house judiciary committee in early march. -3 3&p maryland overnorrmartin to pass a key part of his enviirmental aaenda... an offshore wind energyybill. 3afteenoon efore a state senate committte. the bill has failed to pass... twice. the senatt's of committee to another panel in order to get the votee -3 needed to move the measure to the full enate... here it's --3 expecteddtoopass. the pill woull require utilities to buy offshore rrnewable eneegy credits. &p rrpublicans are expected -3 to grill treasury secretary nominee jack lew n his confirmation hearing this porniig.. someesenate republicans say thhy plan o
8:05 am
qqeetion ew about his responsibilities with ciiicorp during he 2008 inancial crriis. he was the c-o-o of the bank's wealth management unit at the time. lew was theewhite house 3&p a few ccicks can chhnge a school this week. a local classrrom is among thh 3 poopetitioonto win thousands offdollars in imprrvements. &pimprovements. anddjoel d. pmith is streaming now... livv at joppatowne high school now, tt see up close if this & school is worth your vote. &p good morning joel d.. &p3- 3 p3 & 3 3- 3
8:06 am
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3 it's an anniversary that willl make some of us feel a little old. old.theme song... power rangers. rangers. 3 you might find this haad to -3 believe... but today marks 20thhanniversary of thh icooic t-v show... "mighty morphin - power raagers."it quickly became the ost-watched t-v -3 program in thh u-ssand is the number 1 live-actionnkids series. 3 to mark the annivvrrary... ppwer rangers is launching aaoohhr all-newwseries... power ranners megaforce.
8:09 am
3coming up... tickets for beyonce's summer show at the verizon ccnter old out in & just inntes. minutee. but we've got the hookup.we tell you what you canndooto win 33 3 you''e watching fox 45 mor
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new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. this is so sick! i can't believe your
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mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. 3 3 it's wednesdaa and that means & twitter.ccndacc has big.. veer --3 big news that she found on social media.let's just get -3 strright to it.. this news is all about "beeyocc" 3 single ladiis ladiess-
8:22 am
3 the superstaris coming to the & dc onnjuly 29-th.that shoo - sold ouutin minutes.... there pere a ew unhappy people in our newsroom who couldn't get tickees in time.but here's the good news that i found on &ptwitter.beyonce justtadded a peconddshow.. she wwll alsoo perform on july 30-tt. 3 guess what.. you can get into the show for free.i got -3 tickets from live nation aad i -&pwill give them awaa on fox45 morning news on friday.
8:23 am
,3 if you ddn't win those passes.. you need to get to a computer on riday morning because ttckets go n sale to -&pthe general public at 10am. 3 (((on am)))we're also talkiig about another singer.. she's - not exactly beyooce stttus.. but she's worring her way up the laader ii the music industry.her name is kriss mincey.listen to her singing. 3nats nats 3 that ii riss mincee. she is a baltimore native and dc aree from hhr yesterday. 3 kriss mincey: oh byy he way watch american idol tomorrow at 8; you never know who you
8:24 am
33 haven't a clue, buttyou just miggt...))- 3 (((ess))) 3 you can see aaericaa idol tonight and tomorrow at 8-pm here on fox45. 3 i wanttto know what you think of the ccmpetitton.i will be hosting a live chat duriig the 3 pe aat andaae-d-fox-45 and use the hashttg fox45 chat. 3 commng up... in less phan 10 minutes.. we will be picking the name of he lucky - person who can win some big bucks. get your nnme in the box.. go to facebook dot com -3 slash oxbaltimore aad fill &pout the form.youucan also go there o readdcomplett contest pules. 3 it'ssa battle that oes right to the corr. how you're watching fox 45 morning & mmrning.
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8:28 am
mmscle group. "the core s the foundatiin of our house. and it's group of muscles all working together. and it proviies us with stabiliiy and helps us with every motion e &pdo. but when we think abouu abs, we are really thinning abbut a few muscles that only -3 work ii onn ddreetion."core & strength includes thh muscles of your trunk-- both stomaah --3 and back-- anddtheir ability to support your sppneeand keep your body sttble. and it's importtnt to worr all these muscles because when the coree mmscles are weak there's an imbalance. that immalance can spasms, aad otherrinjuries. so wook more than your abs"if you only isolateeone muscle, you - are hurting yoursslffbecause you areenot going to be very 3 have strength ad you'll be lacking lexibility."for today'' health minute, '' -- susan hendricks. -3 we want to help you get fit. 3 expo returrs to baltimore... saturday, february 23rddyou see 3 stages of áliveá
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3 175 395 3 3 a police trainee 3 is shot in the head... by a ddpartment he ffghts for his life this morning... aa ot of questions - are surfaciig... likk why real ammunntiin was being used in training..- training. tom rodgers has more on the accident.. plus today's othee top stooies. 3 the trainee underwwnn surgerr last this hour... we're told he's in i-c-u in 3condition.he was shot in the head... by a baltimore police during a training exercise yesteeday happeeed at the firearmm training center in owings milll. we're told he &pis a trainee for the university of maryland baltimore campus police. while... officials re nnt iddntifying him at the tells us he's n hiss40's and
8:35 am
that this waa his first police -3 joo. 3(chief williams) "certainly our prayers and suupprt are with our trainee at this very & tough ime. we'd like you to &pcan be, gettting the best medical care that he can get." gett"commissioner baats... says he ii shutting down the pooice academy and training ooerations pending a safety review. &p3 3 we continue to we continnueto we continue o follow a develooing story ouu of los angeles...where the search continues for the former police officer, accuseddof killing four people... after a ssand off. off.on tuesday... olice say a man suspected to be christopper dorner barricaded himsell nside this cabin, and pdid not leave after ii caught on ire..orner isssuspected of firing mulliple rounds at officials from california fish and wildlifee who spotted him pn a highway near big ear, - earlier in the day. 3 pthe suspect rolleddhis window down anddwhen the second patrol truck came p withhthee & two wardens iisidd, that's
8:36 am
priiing. he did hit the truck ttmes." police found a charrre &pbody inside the cabin, butsay pt will take days or even &pweekssto figgre ouu who it was 33 a tennessee teenaggr is accused of stealingga school bus... just because hh didn't -3& feel like walling. and... it was all caught on camera. 3 jonathan cole collins took off on 20 minute ride just after midnight sundaa. authorities say he wass actually walking from jail.. after heewassreleased onnbail for a drug possessioo charge. 3 one of the world's oldest ssorts may be losiig its gripp on the ollmpic games. games. the executive board foo the internatiinal olympic committees says it has -3recommended dropping wrrstling from the summer games... staating in 20200 thee announcement has stunnee ttose & wrestlers who ad olympic preams. 3 "when you're young it's more -
8:37 am
fantaaize about and you o wow." www." wrestling will now joon seven shortlisted sports. & p including basebbll... softball nd squash. 3 here's thh top og... an affenpinscher named banana joe wins the prestigioou best ii shhw award - at the 137th westminster kennel club dog show the five year old pup currently llves with is handler ernesto lara in lancaster county.... pennsylvania. after banana joees big win,,the dog is retiring and heading back to tte netherlanns, where he 3 slim budgets and outdated plassrooms ave schools scrambliig for hell anywhere they can get it. nd that includes contests. joppatowne igh school is aanational finalist forra ten thousand dollar makeover,,and you can hhlp make them winners. joel d. smith is streaming now there now to see what conditions nnpired one good morniig joel d. 3 3
8:38 am
8:39 am
3 coming up... it's a state of theeunion address. -3 address. how one mann caught the first lady's attention. 33
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3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3 -3
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d 3 tomorrow is valentines day, 3 eveyrthing sweet all month longgjust visit hershey for
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it's chocolate covered &pfebruarr.rachel inbokowitzz - from hershee entertainment and resortt joins us this morning with more.wide range f peventsstaking place including tte chocolate lab experience (making trufflee.)
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information about chocolate covered ffbruaryy log on to &poor website at foxxbaltimmre dot com slash morning you can enjoy the hocolate labbexperienceefor frre. herssey has given us aafammiy four pack of tickets and you & can win.just be he 10-th caller right now at &p410-481-4545. 3 coming up... his hair punched a ticket to thhestate of thh & union addrres. pddress. how this mmn caught the first lldy's 3 and new at 9... it's the grammy moment that didn't make peadlines until now.we'll tell -3&&pmoment...
8:53 am
wiih singer aaell..- you're watching fox 45 mor
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8:55 am
& 3 itts not often 3 thht your hair isspartly respoosible ffr geetingg ou innited o the stateeof the -& union. jeanne moos has - the stooy of the nasa engineer whose hair stood talllas he pas honored witt one of the best seaas in the houss. house. 3 his mohawk blasts er
8:56 am
bangs right outta this world. rememberr"mohawk guy" -- the &mars rover flight director whoo cried when "curiositt" landed on maas..ouchdown ccnfirmed... (cheerinn)bobak ferdowsiigave &pa high five. and ever siice, at least hhs haii's been high. (learning forwarr so e can - definitely no show-off thouuh & he will show all sides. this ii his "state of the union" 3 he's changed ohawk to ote accomplishments on mars. the & dots symbolize chloromethane, phich an instrument found on mars. anddthese symbols re morse code forrtheejet propulsionnlaboratory. when president obama's science adviser called to tell obak the first laay wws inviting him to thh state of the nion. to breath..t's been a wwirlwind, from being & mmntionee by the president n a phone connersatioo with the 3 there's a special mohawk guy
8:57 am
& whoos worring onnthe mission. fans have ppiited himm turned - him intt a arn doll and usedd pprody musii video toothe tune & of ""exy nd i know it."iigot ssars onnmy 'hawk and i ainnt - show it show it e're nasa and we know it.bobbk thinks it's all great, ttough he gets ssy about the marrrage ppoposals pad fan looe.(one tweet i'd lee that mohhwk dude land his rover on my red planet -3 anyttme.))augh ah ummm hmm. standup - his air, by the way, is not some do- & it-youuself'ssdone by a sslon.(don't worrr, i'' - noo gonna ask how much it costs.)that's all right.(but how mmch does ii cost?)bbg laughstandup -- of all the tribbtes floating arounddtte internet, this is ooe of bbbak's favoritts."you'll never get a ggod job wwth a haircut like that"...but you might ggt to the state of the union.jeanne mmos, cnn...we're
8:58 am
3 cooing up on good day baltimore... 3 it's the play... that shhuld & have áneverá worked.we''l show you one player's bad pass... that turns into an incredibly lucky're watching fox 44 morning news.. all local.. she makes things fun. she can be silly, which embarrasses my sister, but i love it. sometimes she lets us pick out stuff we love, like sunnyd.
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she likes that it has vitamin c, b1, and 40% less sugar than most regular soda brands. my brother doesn't care about that. he just loves the taste. so do i. ♪ make today a sunny day. ♪♪


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